Earlier this week, Survival International announced that it has received a leaked copy of a 2015 WWF report into the impact of its conservation activities in Cameroon on the Baka indigenous peoples. WWF had previously denied the existence of the report.

The report was carried out by two indigenous rights researchers and involved interviews with almost 500 people. It is titled, “Participatory analysis and evaluation of the implementation of WWF’s strategies and principles on human rights in selected sites around Lobéké, Boumba Bek and Nki national parks in Cameroon”.

The report reveals that WWF knew that the Baka had not been consulted and did not give their free, prior and informed consent to the national parks that have been established on their land:

On the ground, the Baka claimed that they have not been consulted and saw their lands turned into protected areas without their consent.

>> Click here for the full article on conservation-watch.org



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